Vista Recruiting

Volunteer In Services To America (VISTA) Program

OCCN VISTA Program New Recruit Procedures

The procedure to obtain VISTA volunteers through OCCN is as

  1. Applicant fills out AmeriCorps VISTA application
    online. Application is available at .
    When you fill out the online application, please make
    sure you select the OCCN VISTA program by entering OCCN's
    program code: 06VSNOH007-0 on the "Program Selections"
    . You can also do a search by selecting Technology as the Service Area and Ohio as the state and entering occn as the keyword.

    Be sure two references complete the online
    reference forms. Reference should be individuals whom
    the applicant has a work/volunteer relationship with.
    Individuals at the CTC site may not serve as the references.

  2. Gary Lambert or Robb Ebright and the
    Site Supervisor interview the VISTA candidate. Site Supervisor
    must be someone the VISTA will work with everyday, usually
    it is the individual in charge of the computer lab.

    If both people think the individual will make a good VISTA
    and the individual would like to continue the process

  3. Site Supervisor completes a Supervisor
    Evaluation Form and an On-Site Orientation Form. For additional
    details, see Guidlines for
    Project Supervisors and On-Site Orientation.

  4. Potential VISTA completes What
    to Know Form
    , PSO Form , and
    Use of Vehicle Form . Use of Vehicle form
    refers to how the VISTA will go to and from the VISTA

  5. The What to Know Form
    and the Use of Vehicle Form must
    also be signed by the site supervisor. Please
    do not staple the forms.

  6. Site Supervisor and Potential VISTA create
    a VISTA Assignment Description for the VISTA with VISTA's goals and duties.
    The VAD can be emailed to OCCN VISTA Leader .
    The VAD must be approved by OCCN. The VAD must
    be submitted to OCCN within the same timeframe as the
    above forms.

    (Note: All the forms that need to be completed
    in steps 3 through 6 can be found at VISTA application forms

  7. OCCN submits the VISTA Application, and
    all the other VISTA forms to the state office of the Corporation
    for National Service. All this must be in to the state
    office approximately two months prior to the Pre-Service
    Orientation (PSO). Orientation schedules vary, and are
    set by the state office.

    If the Corporation for National Service accepts the application
    and all the other paperwork then:

  8. Potential VISTA attends a Pre-Service
    Orientation (PSO) in Chicago. At the end of the PSO the
    individual is sworn in as a VISTA and begins service term
    the day after he/she returns from Chicago. Service terms
    are one year.

  9. The Site must be an OCCN affiliate member
    during the calendar year in which the VISTA begins service.
    If the CTC is not currently a paid affiliate member then
    the Site needs to become a member. The membership form
    is available on the OCCN web site ( ).

    For additional information on the
    OCCN VISTA Program contact:


    OCCN Executive Director

    274 E. First Ave.

    Columbus OH 43201-3673

    Phone#: (614) 644-6932

    Fax#: (614) 728-3521


    Robb Ebright

    OCCN VISTA Leader

    274 E. First Ave.

    Columbus OH 43201-3673

    Phone#: (614) 387-2601

    Fax#: (614) 728-3521