Developing the OCCN Website

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Welcome OCCN Visitor,
This is a status update for, we are currently in the process of implementing a software program known as CiviCRM in order to complement our interactive map of community technology centers. CiviCRM is a open-source constituent relationship management software, that will enable us to create a profile for every CTC in the state of Ohio that can be updated by the CTC itself through our web-site. This software is free to use and can be helpful for any organization that seeks to keep track of a growing number of volunteers and contacts but it is rather complex, and takes some technical expertise to implement.

This project is underway and we will be making the site more interactive as well as attempting to create an on-line forum for OCCN Member groups to interact and share information. There isn't a lot to talk about yet, but one of the ideas is to attempt to create a volunteer recruitment portal specifically for Ohio based technologically savy volunteers to get in touch with each other, and locate CTC's and other community technology groups and projects they can interact with. This is undergoing consideration and feedback from anyone who is interested in helping would be very much appreciated.

I won't get into too much technical details but I just wanted to let people know that there is more going behind the scenes of this site than it may appear.

Robb Ebright
OCCN Vista Leader