Tech Mix Conference Held in Ohio

The Ohio Community of Development Corporations hosted the Tech Mix Conference at the Crowne Plaza North Hotel in Columbus, OH. Representatives from non-profit organizations around Ohio attended the morning and afternoon workshops, held on November 28. 20 presenters facilitated lively discussions on the state of Ohio’s community technology.

The workshops addressed an aspect of the importance of technology in community development. “Affordable Housing and Economic Development” focused on integrating broadband with job searches and small businesses, technology for community organizing and housing development, and sustaining community technology centers and environmentally affordable housing. “Technology 101” dealt with day-to-day website management and fundraising for technology while “Nonprofit Technology” featured seminars on the Ohio Benefit Bank, information technology and communications for non-profit organizations, and real-world knowledge in the virtual classroom.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Rick Voithofer, associate professor of technologies of instruction and media program at Ohio State University, spoke about about how public policy affects equitable access to technology within school systems.