Being a VISTA Leader

Working as the OCCN Vista leader is a chance to connect with a lot of people around the state of Ohio. I get to travel and see the exciting possibilities coming from various community technology centers. It makes me think that if more people had the opportunity to be created and feel empowered to pursue their dreams the world would be a better place.

Sometimes being a Vista leader means completing a lot of paperwork and ensuring that others around me get paperwork in time. Bureaucracy is something that is to be expected when working with any kind of organization, so many times its better to approach it light heartedly than get feel overwhelmed by it.

As we move forward with OCCN I hope that this blog can be a place for people to share their ideas and express their feelings. Of course we will have to review linking to the blog with Gary and the rest of OCCN but this will give us a chance to make the site a much more dynamic space, and be able to share the stories from various perspectives about the day to day life of a VISTA volunteer.