The Ohio Community Computing Center Network (OCCCN) was established in 1995 as the oversight and evaluation organization for the 14 community computing centers created and funded by the Ameritech Advantage Ohio alternative regulation case settlement. This was the first time in this country that a settlement before a state public utility commission included the funding of community computing centers in low-income neighborhoods. It was an important breakthrough in making computers and telecommunications technology accessible to people of all incomes. Community technology centers provide basic computer training and support to people with low incomes and limited opportunities to learn about or use computer technology.

In November 1995, OCCCN broadened its focus to include non-Ameritech-funded community technology centers around Ohio. It also affiliated with the Community Technology Centers’ Network (CTCNet), a national network of programs and organizations with a similar mission. OCCCN is now a statewide network of over 40 community technology centers. OCCCN provides support to the CTCs in the form of program development, fundraising support, and advocacy while developing and encouraging communication, collaboration and joint action among the CTCs and within their communities. OCCCN member services includes access to the OCCCN VISTA program which currently has 22 VISTAs in member CTCs around Ohio. OCCCN is currently working with over 40 community technology centers in urban and rural areas of Ohio. The centers are located in places such as libraries, community centers, schools, churches, social service agencies, and residential housing complexes.

Since its inception, OCCCN has received and/or distributed to community technology centers $4.45 million from Ameritech and $90,000 from Cincinnati Bell.

In 2001 OCCCN changed its name to The Ohio Community Computing Network (OCCN)